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I have been practicing yoga for a year now and out of all the yoga teacher’s I have had so far, this duo is definitely the best! Their classes are very wholesome including a full circle of meditation, Asana practice and breathing exercises. In addition, they are a fun and approachable duo, always willing to answer and questions or doubts. PA yoga classes have played a major role in furthering my practice and keeping me motivated to show up on the mat. I feel continuous improvement in my asanas and movements. I would recommend their classes to yogis at all levels, beginners or advanced. Kudos to both Anushka and Preeti Maam for their dedication to yoga, it’s truly inspiring.

Rating: 5 Stars

I love the fact that the classes can be conducted at home. Always inspired by what Preeti and Anushka can do as yoga instructors! What really kept me going the extra effort taken by Anushka to help me attempt the headstand (Sirsasana). This has been that milestone moment for me since I always thought that it was impossible and was definitely not achievable in an online setting. What I found here is something that led me to believe in myself and my abilities. 👏

Rating: 5 Stars

Really enjoying my yoga journey with Preeti Ma'am and Anushka. They are really supportive and ensure that everyone feels comfortable in all yoga postures by giving alternate asana options and relax times between asanas.

Rating: 5 Stars

I love how welcoming both the gurus have been since Day 1. For someone like me, being somewhat used to working out to a certain level, I was always scared to get on the mat and start doing Yoga. I'm glad I got the push from Anushka that was needed to start their classes. I'm enjoying these sessions quite a lot :)

Rating: 5 Stars

I’ve always been a gym person, but since I started my yoga classes with Preeti n Anoushka, my opinion has changed n I thoroughly enjoy my yoga classes with them, I can feel so much better in my body n mind, each session is so well conducted n that is why I look forward each time for the next... there is no stopping now..

I am one of the few who got an opportunity to attend the inaugural Yoga class conducted by Mrs Preeti in her Studio at Neeti bagh Delhi roughly three years back.It started with the moderate numbers of twenty plus participants . This was a trailer for the things were to come in future. I was right in predicting the future, what was coming in store. I am one of the lucky student that again got the opportunity to attend the unique yoga session when it was required the most during lockdown phase. It was the futuristic ONLINE YOGA WITH PA. The duo of mother & daughter have pumped their energy  to make the yoga session suitable for all walks of life, may it be beginners/ advance yogis or teen aged/youngsters/ elderly people.The feathers in the cap were the latest yoga session on International Yog Diwas.The beauty of the yoga classes is that the class is planned in a manner that has the balance of Yogasanas & yog pranayams to suit the requirements of one and all.I wish PA YOGA to keep doing the good work and wish them best in future endeavour. Good luck!

Rating: 5 Stars

I have been an ardent follower of PA Yoga! The 2 teachers Preeti and Anushka are simply amazing. They’ll truly make you believe that yoga is for anyone and everyone. In my 1st class with them I realised I’m way too inflexible, but with every class it just improved drastically. PA Yoga was completely aware about my improvement areas and made me start with basic asanas. 2 months from then I was able to try the advance asanas as well. It’s the clarity of instructions that really differentiates them from any other yoga centres along with the sheer effort put in every student’s health. Thank you PA Yoga! More power to you!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

I am middle aged, Senior IT professional working in an MNC with the typical MNC  lifestyle and had also developed all the lifestyle related illnesses .Since some time I have been attending the Yoga sessions with Preetiji earlier & now with both Preetiji & Anushka.They both take us through Pranayama and Surya Namaskar with all the finer details (e.g. holding the breath) and also the relevant  Asanasas with all the precautions.  I had started the sessions to have a change of exercises and did not have much expectations.  But over time I noticed so many unforeseen benefits. I am sure even the other P&A Yogis might have started noticing these. I will explain in more details below.My body used to be inflexible and now my body has become very flexible and agile.Now I will cover what happened inside me which I had not foreseen at all-I feel much calmer, composed, even tempered and sharper. I sleep better. Even my immunity has improved.My lungs have become stronger. My asthma, cough and cold have almost disappeared over time. My digestion has also improved.Due to long hours on the computer I had developed cervical spondylosis which has receded now. The online classes are being managed by both so well that while one demos the other explains with all the subtleties. One feels as if one is in the studio with them.Preetiji is a very experienced Yoga Grandmaster. Even young Anushka is so good that she is becoming  an inspiration for other youngsters.Preetiji and Anushka – Thank you so much for re-inventing my life so subtly. May the force be with you.P&A is par excellence already. No improvements required.

Rating: 5 Stars

Preeti and Anushka are very dedicated and inspiring yoga teachers. Their classes are very well-balanced and offer you a serene space to work on your own well-being and personal development. Being a beginner in yoga, I have really enjoyed practicing in the context of a class open to students of all levels. This has really helped me move out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to try more difficult asanas according to my strenghths and weaknesses. Preeti and Anushka make sure you progress, but at your own speed and that you remain motivated throughout this enriching journey.I highly recommend learning yoga with them!

Rating: 5 Stars

The morning yoga classes with Preeti and Anoushka have made my time in Delhi so much more enjoyable. The studio has a very warm and friendly atmoshphere and everyone feels welcome. Apart from that, they are of course very professional yoga teachers that accomodate all levels of practioners. In that way they give space for those who want to do more difficult asanas and during the time I practices with them I could see a lot of my own progress. While giving you the chance to progress and to do some demanding asanas, there is plenty of space for relaxation and breathing exercices. I think what I liked best, was the way they combined these two elements of Yoga in a perfect mix. Thank you so much for the classes and hope to join again soon. I highly recommend the Essence of Yoga Studio.

I started my yoga journey almost three years ago at PA Yoga Studio (formerly Essence of Yoga Studio), located at Neeti Bagh in New Delhi. These yoga classes are the only time during the week when everything comes to a halt and I can just clear my mind, relax and enjoy. In these crazy times and the fast paced and unsettling world we’re living in, these classes provide me the perfect atmosphere and allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance. And this experience wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of my wonderful yoga teachers - Preeti and Anushka! Both Preeti and Anushka are absolutely tremendous and super enthusiastic teachers who are highly considerate of their students. The thing I love the most about these classes is the individual attention that both Preeti and Anushka provide to each and every one of their students! The classes are super fun and very informative, specially the Sunday workshops involving Advanced Yoga practice! The studio is located at a very peaceful and quiet location which provides the perfect atmosphere to relax and concentrate. I look forward to these classes more than I can say and would HIGHLY recommend PA Yoga Studio to anyone looking to learn yoga or start their yoga journey in the company of others!

Rating: 5 Stars

Anmol Kataria

It has been a year since I started attending Essence of Yoga (now: PA Yoga Studio). Apart from doing really cool stuff (headstand, chakrasana, etc.) I can finally keep my back straight and don’t feel any pain in it.
The Yoga Studio itself is very cozy, clean and bright. Come in the morning as it is the most peaceful place in Delhi at this time.
The studio is not that big and the teachers can approach every student personally. Preeti and Anushka are very nice and professional.
I recommend this school to people who want to practice yoga in a nice place and are ready to attend regularly.

Daria F

I have been doing yoga with Preeti mam for two months. I am very happy that I found best yoga trainer and proof is she look young and so fit at age of my parents who are unable to do basic asanas . M more satisfied with yoga than other workout like Zumba and gym etc. She teaches yoga very well about breathing along with asanas, is very calm and give attention to every person in the class. I have developed a lot of strength internally in two months ..and flexibility too. And confidence/happiness when you see improvement in meditation and other asanas that requires is slow process and very effective..
Now after 8 months, i have started doing advance Asanas. I feel that while doing basic asanas like normal head stand, pigeon pose etc.the basic ones, we put efforts and developed strength, focus, flexibility but in advance Asanas, i feel very light as I don't feel the weight of my body and i think it' like a meditation. This all is bcos of Preeti mam (the best teacher ever) who keeps motivating and encouraging and gives attention to every student. M very thankful to mam for supporting me when I was not well.

I like the way the yoga is taught (along with breathing throughout the session) by Preeti Mam and Anushka which is suitable for every person of any age as they teach the yoga with alternative Asana by considering health issues,if any. I like the instrumental calm music played at your studio and your efforts to push yogis a little bit to do better.

Everything has been the best so far. Just seeing both of you doing any Asana I get positive vibes and motivated to continue my practice.

Preeti mam is so fit and active, she is a great example to practice/follow yoga with joy. I have been very lucky to have learnt yoga under the guidance of Preeti Mam. After one year I am able to do all advance Asana and feel very light. I can never forget the experience I have had at her studio. Anushka being a young yoga trainer inspires a lot.

Veerkamal Kaur

Great place! Preeti and Anushka are super professional and terrific Yoga teachers. Each class is absolute fun and I have progressed fairly quickly under their instruction. I look forward to each class and feel completely relaxed after each one. Would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their fitness and learn yoga!

Anmol Kad

(Dec 2018): Preeti Ma'am is a gentle instructor who inspires students to give their best and push their boundaries, while making Yoga a part of their everyday lives.
Updated review (Jan 2020):
I have been learning yoga from Preeti Ma'am for almost two years now. She is a great instructor. Earlier this year, I suffered a ligament rupture while climbing down stairs. After recovering, I was yearning to return to classes. Preeti Ma'am kept checking on me during my time off and kept a close eye on me when I joined again. She suggested special excercises to strength the ankle and also to ensure that no extra pressure was being put on my leg. She inspires every day and is very caring towards all of her students.!

Payal A.P.

I had done a lot of extensive research on where to join for yoga. And i am super glad i picked this place. Preeti and Anushka are incredible instructors and i have manged to learn a lot of yoga poses in a very short time. Now i really believe in the saying  "you are one yoga class from happiness and good health" and this is the perfect place to go to.

Ankita Rana

I am having an excellent experience at Essence of Yoga Studio (now: PA Yoga Studio). Preeti is a committed yoga teacher, who guides her students with professionalism and involvement. Extremely proficient herself, she teaches by demonstrating different yoga poses to lend practical understanding to her studentsI had done a lot of extensive research on where to join for yoga. And i am super glad i picked this place. Preeti and Anushka are incredible instructors and i have manged to learn a lot of yoga poses in a very short time. Now i really believe in the saying  "you are one yoga class from happiness and good health" and this is the perfect place to go to.

Richa Bhushan

This is where you can learn Hatha Yoga, an Indian traditional yoga. Preeti's attitude toward yoga is something to learn. If you learn one by one at your own pace, you will be able to move your body a little more freely and make your mind peaceful. You will feel warm and full in any class of the day. In addition, there are big trees and nice gardens around the yoga center. As you lie down and meditate after your yoga class, you will be calmed by the trees swaying in the wind. What to say more?

Suhee C

More I practice yoga, better I can do asanas. Preeti helps us to do exercises and shows how to do everything correct! I advise to join 🧘🏻‍♀️


Preeti is a dear friend and we have always shared our love for fitness .she is an excellent yoga teacher who takes a lot of effort in teaching and seeing that her students reach the next level. I really admire her love , discipline , and dedication towards her work. I joined her yoga classes last month and have enjoyed every session that I have attended.She gives personal attention to every student .I always keep looking forward to attending the next class.

Manisha Hakim

Yoga! When I share with my friends & relatives about my yoga practice & that too a daily practice they are bewildered.
Statements like who does yoga daily, you don’t need it, do you want to become a teacher or it’s okay if you miss a few days are just a few statements that I hear daily. I’m happy to explain the importance of yoga, because I understand the importance of yoga in my routine. Yoga for me isn’t just about slimming down or flexibility or strength, it’s also about my outlook towards the daily situations that cause stress. Yes! Yoga has tremendously benefited me with dealing with stress & my approach to situations.
Preeti’s Essence of Yoga studio is where my mornings begin & I absolutely love my sessions, it’s a shame to miss them coz by the end of it you’re rejuvenated! My daily practice has made me so much more tolerant and calm
For Preeti Ma’am , yoga is just not limited to postures, it’s also educating us on the importance of doing those postures regularly. Since everyone is different, she understands well the needs of each one of us and guides us through.
Ever since I have started the 6 days session, my strength and energy have both got a boost and no, I don’t feel exhausted infact I look forward to each day, coz everyday is a challenge to learn and practice a new asana/posture. Preeti Ma’am has the innate capability of putting you at ease the moment you enter her studio and any anxiety is soon forgotten once the lesson starts. The lessons are paced to your abilty yet still pushes you to meet your potential. She is a hidden gem and I am so happy that we have had the privilege of her teaching us Yoga.

I am having an excellent experience at Essence of Yoga Studio (now: PA Yoga Studio). Preeti is a committed yoga teacher, who guides her students with professionalism and involvement. Extremely proficient herself, she teaches by demonstrating different yoga poses to lend practical understanding to her students.

I would like to share that yoga has completely changed my lifestyle .yoga classes conducted by preeti had really improved my health by controlling my blood pressure . It's almost 2 years doing yoga at her studio and my blood pressure has really been controlled I have almost stopped taking my medicines with a regular practice of yoga.
Thanks once again to our mentor preeti raj kumar .

12 May 2020: Preeti and anushka has been an excellent mentor .I have been practicing yoga since more than 2 years from their studio. The day I started practicing yoga from there studio my bp problem has been resolved.theymake us practice asans considering our health conditions which is valuable.There teachings are great.

She is amazing yoga teacher give individual attention to everyone. She ensure everyone performs aasan perfectly. Her classes is mixtures of exercises & meditation.

After having met with a knee injury, which didn't get healed even after months of rest and physiotherapy, I turned to Essence of Yoga (now: PA Yoga Studio) and that was the best decision. Within 2 months, my knee has almost healed and I have gained my strength back. Along with this, I have also become calmer and more flexible!

I had been doing yoga here since they first started and now I am addicted to yoga as it fixed me from within. Would definitely recommend going here.

When I joined, I had back issues. I wasn’t able to do much initially but now it feels amazing to regain my flexibility. Yoga is something that fix you from inside.

Flexible Timings and amazing ambience to practice yoga. Really like Sunday dedicated classes for headstands. Quite liberating and now I am addicted to yoga.
Yoga helps best when taught in the right way. Preeti Ma’am teaches so beautifully that I never realised I was fixed.
Would definitely recommend her classes if you want to feel live again♥️😁

I have been doing yoga with Preeti for almost a year now. Preeti's classes are very comprehensive , she covers all basic Shivananda asanas and breathing exercises and still manages to add variations to keep things interesting. Thanks Preeti for keeping your classes challenging, relaxing and fun

Practicing yoga with Preeti is always interesting... Preeti is very aware of progress of each and every student of hers and encourages us to do better than the previous class...I love doing challenging asanas with her and find myself getting better constantly..

Joining Preeti's Yoga studio (PYS) is the best thing I could do for myself. She gives her students' personal attention, takes keen interest and acknowledges their progress. One looks forward to coming to the next class, Thank you Ma'am.

I have been practicing yoga under the guidance of Preet ma'am, and it has been a truly enriching experience. The focus is on both mental and physical aspects of yoga, while maintaining a proper posture and breathing pattern. One feels completely refreshed after the class.

I am very glad to have enrolled for Preeti's yoga sessions. It truly touches my heart when Preeti welcomes each person with deep warm-hearted greeting on entering the session. Under her guidance I am experiencing great relief from my stiff back, doing gentle yoga asanas.
She understands each of her students struggles and guides them appropriately to progress gently.

It's been almost a month that I have joined yoga classes with Preeti ma'am and couldn't be better. She is a great teacher who is genuine and encouraging and always provide variations of different asanas. It is a wonderful feeling learning from an amazing teacher.

It’s totally a pleasure to learn yoga under preeti maam guidance , she personally check and assist every yogi , helping me physically and mentally after the class I feel very rejuvenated.

Sep 2019: Joined a month ago . I have had a lovely experience . Very impressed by the yoga knowledge , professionalism and welcoming nature of our yoga teacher . Looking forward to more such yoga sessions with her.

Preeti mam is a very good teacher. She has a lot of patience and teaches even difficult asanas in a simple way. Moreover she is a great demonarrator, the way she does asanas inspires everybody to try hard. Finally found a very good yoga teacher.

August 2019: I started practising yoga with Preeti ma’am just a month ago and I can already see such drastic changes in my flexibility, my breathing patterns.
She is terrific at what she does.

One of the finest and most dedicated yoga teacher. It is a privilege to learn yoga under her guidance .

Great experience. Preeti is highly experienced and well versed in all asanas. She teaches with patience and guides with ease while practicing each posture. One of the best yoga teachers out there.

With today's fast paced scheme of things, life has become more stressful and demanding than ever before. Yoga is the best solution to regain control over your mind and soul.Being a doctor myself, I can vouch for that!
You won't find better place than this for learning Yoga. Preeti is an excellent Teacher. Dedicated, commited and very professional. She will personally make sure you learn all the asanas, even the difficult ones and do them right. The atmosphere is very cordial and energetic. You must see it and do it to feel it!!

I have always been awry of Yoga, but here at Essence of Yoga my inhibitions were put to rest. Preeti makes sure that she gives individual attention and doesn't pack her classes with too many students at once. The session is well paced out and i'd highly recommend it.

Preeti, is an extremely dedicated and a hardworking yoga instructor. She motivates the class to give in their best while remaining within their physical limits. A patient teacher who understands the needs of everyone and a great motivator. Thank you Preeti for your guidance.
Simply dislike missing the classes when I do :D

Keep helping!!

It’s an Excellent experience,the class itself has healing energies,the instructor is very calm and accommodating, clear instructions and demonstration.One feels refreshed and relaxed after attending a session here.

May 2019:I am lucky to have found Preeti ma’am. She is not only passionate and dedicated towards yoga but she inspires us all to practice it with same passion and enthusiasm. The best thing about her is that she gives personal attention to all her students and even keeps in mind the physical ailments and injuries that the students are suffering from and accordingly guides them to do asanas suitable for their condition. I have severe back problem to the extent that at times it is difficult to even stand properly. But although it’s been only a month that I have been learning under guidance of ma,am I have started feeling positive difference in my condition. Her warm and welcoming gesture inspires me to attend all my classes regularly. Thanks a lot ma’am for being a great mentor. Would definitely recommend her.

You walk out of her classes feeling empowered, refreshed & eager to come back. It's an automatic and instant stress buster!! Preeti Ma'am always exudes warmth and joy and does each posture/Asana with so much perfection, it's awe-inspiring. So glad I decided to join your classes ma'am, it's truly a life changing experience! 🤩

Her classes are great. They make me feel wonderful. She gives individual attention and works with each individual on their pace. Her practical tips are great for individuals like me who travel and have a busy work-life.

I've attended yoga classes before but this one is really good!
Preeti is an extremely dedicated teacher, who spends time on every individual and attends to each and every health problem a person has. She's patient and a great motivator!
Absolutely love her classes!!

Excellent place and the best teacher for yoga. I have been practicing yoga for last few years and have been to most of the well known places / teachers. But the experience with Ms.Preeti has been outstanding. She is a pro with her technique and helps with the most difficult poses in the most simple and effective way. Yoga couldn't have been better and more exciting without a wonderful coach like Preeti . really genuine and specialised. God bless you Preeti , pls always continue this wonderful journey with yoga .

I came to know about preeti mam from a friend and I went for a trial class. After that I was sure that I want to learn yoga from her. She is a great teacher and instructor. She inspires the students to try their best regularly and push boundaries as yoga is a healing process also. It helps you combat your health issues and at the same time boosts your confidence. I have been doing yoga at essence of yoga for nearly 4 months now and can feel the difference in my body .It was very stiff but it has now opened up a little and I feel a little bit more healthy. Preeti mam teaches with patience and give individual attention to all her students. It is a great place to meditate and get sometime with your own soul. I would recommend essence of yoga by preeti kumar because it is the best yoga place I have found till now with a great instructor.

Preeti is one of the best yoga instructors I’ve come across so far. She makes sure that you put in the extra effort in your asanas and every day is a better day with being able to stretch a little extra thanks to the flexibility through performing yoga. Thanks Preeti! You are an amazing guru!

Well packaged session of Yoga Pranayama & various Asanas.

Well done Preeti & Anushka. Keep doing good work

I am very lucky to have found this yoga class. Preeti Ma'am teaches yoga in the true sense. The class is focused on how to be better but holistically and by enjoying the journey too. A perfectly structured class with strenuous asanas, breathing exercises and a deep relaxation that makes you energized for the whole day.
Preeti ma'am gives genuine attention to every student and knows when to push and when to take it light.
The variations and new challenges in every class prevent it from ever getting monotonous. The Sunday class of tough poses and asanas is an added treat.
Very very lucky to have found this class.

It's been one year since I started doing Yog with health is quite improved with regular practice..
I do a desk job..which compels me to continuously sit for nine hours at a stretch..and it was taking toll on my back..but with Preeti's Yog, I'm finding it easier to sit for long hours now..

Thank you for all the motivation and tweaking..I feel much better now..😊

Preeti is a fantastic guru. She's very motivating, and pays personal attention to all her students. I have been having a great experience at her studio.

Being student of preeti ,first thing makes u feel very Positive.she is very Professional,Student centered,Supportive and Thoughtful throughtout her teaching n otherwise.This all end with lot of respect for teacher like preety.Thank u.
Preeti is a teacher who can see exactly what your students are made of and you believe in each n everyone of us.your positive attitude has always made us become everyday better.thank u 😌

Preeti is a great yoga teacher who touches the heart of her students in some way. During her yoga session you feel your energy more focused, calm, centered and enthusiastic. Under Preeti’s guidance you learn a lot about asanas,pranayama and meditation. Yoga classes with her are challenging, inspiring and fulfilling.
After learning yoga under Preeti for one and a half years yoga helped me in controlling my mind, body and soul. It brought together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helped managing stress and anxiety and keeps me relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. Not to forget all the aches and pains of the body no longer remain!

Preeti is excellent yoga teacher. She exudes talent, warmth and motivation which makes me work hard and achieve goals which I could never achieve alone.

Preeti ma'am is an amazing yoga teacher .she puts in all her efforts and pays attention to each and every individual . Learning yoga in her class under her supervision is a wonderful experience that i can never forget .😊

It’s been fantastic to practice yoga in safe hands like hers, this yoga studio exudes serenity and before you know, you’ll be trapped with the passion and care this art is taught here. I would say, there is poetry in motion and you may discover it, if you haven’t yet...

Preeti tailors her classes beautifully to accommodate each and every individual, no matter what their level. She is encouraging and warm, while also pushing just like a good teacher should. I feel fortunate for having found her, and will definitely continue classes with her.

I have been with her for about an year... She is one of the best instructor...i feel so fit ,will highly recommend her!!

 Difficult Asanas made easy & techniques of pranayama are what I like best.

Well done Preeti & Anushka. Doing very well. Keep it up.

Started with gentle yoga which is very relaxing. Hopefully will graduate to open classes and learn more..

Perfect ambience for a yoga studio and wonder teacher Preeti Kumar.

The yoga is customised as per needs of the individuals - variety of postures are done everyday for every part of the body- the best is the calmness, humble attitude and concerns of the instructors towards the participants.

Thank you for the videos that you regularly post.

She is amazing yoga teacher give individual attention to everyone. She ensure everyone performs aasan perfectly. Her classes is mixtures of exercises & meditation.I have been doing yoga since one year i feel so good and relax after doing yoga.

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